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Please see below some comments from my clients who have attended PT sessions or the small group training sessions

Well currently on week 4 of my programme. Really enjoying it. It has been really pushing me and i have already been noticing the benefits from this programme. I also find Darrens knowledge of the techniques and different work outs very good. explaining what each workout is doing and what i need to do to get the most from the programme,  James 

Darren wrote me a programme which was very suited to my beginners level of fitness (I hadn't exercised since the birth of my baby). The programme has not only improved my physical wellbeing but also my emotional. Darren showed me how to do each exercise correctly and encouraged me to push myself. Clare



Although I have reasonable knowledge of how to train speaking to Darren showed there was some key and interesting variations that I could incorporate to get better results. My aim was to lose body fat percentage and get back to the strength I had previously. Darren wrote me a 6 week plan and this alongside a fairly strict diet I managed to successfully meet my targets. I highly recommend Darren not just for his knowledge and techniques but also for being approachable and his continued support throughout the programme. Adam

If you want to push yourself, get fit and have fun whilst doing it Darren is your man. The Outdoor Fitness sessions are the perfect way to get fit, get strong and make friends. This isn't a boot camp as there's no shouting or humiliating and it doesn't matter what your starting level of fitness is. Darren will just help you by encouraging you to work hard and try your best and before you know it your fitness level (weight loss if that's what you're after) will all improve. Highly recommended. Vicky

Since training with Darren i've gone from having no energy and begrudging exercise, to feeling confident and enjoying doing 3 bootcamp sessions a week. Each session is different and keeps me focused, and i'm already seeing a huge difference in my body shape. I feel like a new person and highly recommend Darren to anybody looking for a healthier way of living and ready for a BIG and positive change! Liv

So much fitter than I was - thanks to Darren! Finally being able to flip his giant tyre today made my day Georgina


Fantastic trainer who is putting me through my paces whilst making the sessions enjoyable (which is no easy task), in just a few weeks I already feel more toned and energised. Great variety in all of his sessions with some much needed encouragement- Alix

I always have such fun at Darren's bootcamp, whatever the weather! It is a great thing to exercise in a friendly and supportive group...where everyone's motivation is to just get that little bit fitter and feel so much better for it.



Darren makes each boot camp session varied, interesting and fun. He works the group hard but also pays attention to each individual and their personal strengths and weaknesses. He is always encouraging, correcting and suggesting to make the high interval training work for us all. He keeps a fantastic momentum during the training session and it is never boring! I am really enjoying training with Darren and the group. I can feel it making a real difference week by week, Sam

I'm feeling stronger and more energetic since starting boot camp with Darren. It's a really friendly group of people and I love being out in the fresh air. Emma

I really enjoy Darren’s evening bootcamps and the early morning sessions. I always get a good calorie burn recorded on my Fitbit and can feel the difference after a month of attending a few sessions a week. Feel stronger and fitter and love the sessions. Always varied and fun and Darren takes the time to correct my form which is great. Kate

Getting amazing results really quickly!
Darren has tailored everything to my individual needs with a back injury!

Definitely recommend !! Gary

Darren makes his sessions really fun! It never matters what the weather is because you know you'll have a good time regardless. I've managed to regain my pre-baby fitness levels and discovered that I can actually do press ups now that I've been shown how to do them properly. I'd recommend his groups to men and women alike and at all stages of fitness. Sam

Darren's bootcamp sessions are brilliant! They have been vital in getting me out of the house, working hard and improving my fitness. Each session is different, tailored to individuals fitness level and very enjoyable. I'd highly recommend any of the DK personal trainer sessions Ellie

I first met Darren as he led a couch-to-5k programme starting in September 2019. I completed the programme and fell in love with running until I sprained my ankle badly in January 2020. I made a partial recovery until I sprained it again a few months later and this time had physiotherapy. I desperately wanted to return to running but my fitness level was poor so I arranged 2 or 3 personal training sessions a week with Darren. Within 4 weeks of a variety of sessions, patience and careful research done by Darren, I was much fitter and completed a 5k run, which felt fabulous. Since then I have rejoined the running club Darren leads and I also go to one of his boot camp sessions whenever I can. Every session is varied - we don't do the same things week in, week out. The personal training was especially good as it made me allocate time for myself and my well-being during my working week while working from home and the progress was particularly quick and really noticeable. I highly recommend all of the activities DK Personal Trainer offers. Claire


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