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Before your workout:

Drink plenty of water in the 24 hours prior to your session.  Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before (6-8 hours of sleep). Ensure we have a good-sized area to work in if working from home (this may mean moving some furniture!)

What to wear:

Sturdy trainers with good sole cushioning and ankle support (not fashion trainers!). If we will be working inside, make sure you have a clean pair of trainers ready.  Shorts or tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and sweatshirt if it's cold.

During the Session:

Don’t worry or get yourself worked up! The first session won't be too difficult – this session is designed so that I can work out your strengths and weaknesses and can therefore tailor your subsequent program to suit you. Work to the best of your ability but don't overdo it!


How many reps should I do?


This very much depends on your goals and targets. 


However here are the basics

• Doing 1-5 reps will build dense muscles and strength, this is called myofibrillar hypertrophy.
• Doing 6-12 reps will build an equal measure of strength and muscular endurance.
• Doing 12 + reps will build muscular endurance and size as well as toning, this is called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.



What is my ideal weight?

I use a variety of formulas to work out your ideal weight range, these include BMI, Hamwi and the longevity method. 


As part of my training/coaching I will provide you with your ideal weight range and body composition assessment which helps to work out where you store body fat. 


How many calories should I have?


Unfortunately there is no set rule of how many calories you have, as there are a lot of factors which affect this. However I can work this out for you as I work out your base metabolic rate and activity levels.


I have a good knowledge of sports nutrition and I am currently studying a Clinic Weight Loss course so whether your goal is to lose weight or gain weight or muscle I can help.


How do I know I have worked hard enough?

This is a very hard one to answer, but are you easily hitting your reps? or are you struggling to hit the last one or two?  How do you feel when you have finished?.


Do you ache the next day or day after?  This is a very individual thing but I am happy to discuss this with you.



What I can do for you?

One thing is for certain I will not put you on the treadmill or bike straight away and just let you ride or run, I will always chat to you before the sessions for 10 to 20 mins  to help prepare us both for the session and let you know what the expectations for the sesions are, this time is not taken away from the sessions so you get well over an hour session.


Whether its a program, outdoor session or a personal training session I will provide help and support whenever you need it. 


I will always ensure that the sessions are pushing you and regulary review them with you.


As I have studied sports nutrition and Clinical weight loss I can also offer advice as to what things can help you hit your targets.


I am more than happy to put packages together to help meet your needs whether this is a short or long term goal I am happy to help.

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