Price list 

I offer a free initial consultation to all clients during this I will spend time gathering information on you and your lifestyle and why you want to change and how it will change your life. We will also discuss what your goals and targets and what it will take to get there. It will last between 45 - 60 minutes

Once you have confirmed you would like to go ahead we will book you in for your first session.

This session will be used as an assessment and to gather information so we can track your progress to ensure you are on track to hit your goals and targets.

All sessions will last for ONE HOUR 

1 personal training session............. £40.00

3 personal training sessions ........... £90.00 

5 personal training sessions ........... £100.00

If you prefer to train with a partner this can also be done and this works out to be a slightly cheaper option

12 Week transformation...........£300.00 you get

12 PT sessions(£240) 24 outdoor sessions(£120),A T-shirt(£7.50), A folder with a mindset guide and Nutritional advice(£15.00) plus Skype and email support(£20.00).saving over £100.00. We will also look at your sleep and recovery to ensure you get the best results you can.   

If you prefer there is an option to train online. This means we will have a consultation first and you will then get a program online with a video explanation of the exercises. we will also catch up on a weekly basis via skype/email to see if you are progressing and if anything needs tweaking or amending. This is ideal for people who have equipment at home/or work long hours as you can do it any time. 

1 month........£30.00

3 months.......£80.00

6 months.......£150.00

12 months.....£280.00

I also run group training sessions, these are £5.00 each or if you bring a friend you both pay £4.00 each, If you would like to try one of these sessions out I am happy for you to have the first session free. 













Further deals and offers available please contact me to discuss your requirements