I am a qualified mobile personal trainer based in Winterslow, Salisbury, Therefore I am able to train you at either your home, local park or my small home gym.

I work predominately with females aged between 25- 60 years old all with the aim of getting fitter and looking better, I have achieved great success with my clients by making small sustainable changes to their lifestyle and providing support to ensure long term success.  Get in touch to find out how I can help you hit your weightloss goals I offer a free consultation to ensure that we are a good fit before proceeding.

Can you help me sort out my lower tummy after having a child?

Yes. By losing weight and generally toning up, the body will start to look better. If you add some lower stomach exercises in like reverse curls or hanging leg raises this helps to tone the lower abs but these need to be done with caution and not too soon after having a child. However having a child is a major undertaking on the body and it will take a long time for it to recover so don’t expect changes to happen overnight.


I want to get fit but I don’t want to get bulky, can you help?

Yes people often think this, however it is a common misconception. In order to get bulky you need to be in a calorie surplus and consume a large amount of protein, 2 + grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. Getting bulky is also dependant on the weights/reps/training methods used.



What is the difference between personal training and following a program I found online?

There are several differences. The key ones are:

Personal training is specific to you, tailored to your abilities, goals and targets.

You have a qualified person teaching/coaching you to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and safely.

Personal Trainer’s will have progression and regression available for most exercises.

Trainers provide motivation, help, advise and accountability to ensure you hit your goals or targets.

Trainers provide a challenging routine. Maybe you’ve plateaued and aren’t seeing the results you want. Trainers can provide the accessory/different exercises you may be missing.

Setting of realistic goals. There is nothing more disheartening than failing to achieve your fitness goal and example of this could be you want to lose 10 lb per week but this is not going to happen!! A realistic goal is 1 -2lb per week.

A Personal Trainer can help you establish lifelong changes. I go through a lifestyle questionnaire to work out what is stopping you from hitting your dream body. This could be as simple as too much stress, not getting enough sleep or eating the wrong foods.

A Personal Trainer should always be looking at CPD (continuous professional development). This is something that I am always doing to help me provide the best training possible.

Personal Training
Online Training
Online Training
Please get in touch to get more information and how I can help you. I offer a free consultation where we would go through what is expected of each other,


I first met Darren as he led a couch-to-5k programme starting in September 2019. I completed the programme and fell in love with running until I sprained my ankle badly in January 2020. I made a partial recovery until I sprained it again a few months later and this time had physiotherapy. I desperately wanted to return to running but my fitness level was poor so I arranged 2 or 3 personal training sessions a week with Darren. Within 4 weeks of a variety of sessions, patience and careful research done by Darren, I was much fitter and completed a 5k run, which felt fabulous. Since then I have rejoined the running club Darren leads and I also go to one of his boot camp sessions whenever I can. Every session is varied - we don't do the same things week in, week out. The personal training was especially good as it made me allocate time for myself and my well-being during my working week while working from home and the progress was particularly quick and really noticeable. I highly recommend all of the activities DK Personal Trainer offers.



I first contacted Darren after procrastinating one Christmas. I was turning into a couch potato when I realised that I wanted to change and get fit and health. Tentatively I started exercising with Darren. He did not judge my lack of ability instead encouraged me to keep going, tailoring my workout sessions with realistic goals. He introduced me to new ways of exercising, and I soon started to gain some confidence and believe I can do it. I even started to enjoy exercising, as I spend most of our one-to-one sessions laughing! I’ve never dieted but Darren suggested changing some of my eating habits, which subsequently has helped me to not only exercise better but also loose weight.

A year on after persevering and dealing with covid restrictions (we had some online lessons and some social distant sessions too) I am a lot more confident about exercising. But not just that, I’m more self-confident and I look better after loosing two stone and gaining some muscles. Indeed, there has been many benefits, as I sleep better and have less menopausal symptoms, I ache less and have more get up and go energy. I don’t want to stop. With Darren’s kind support, I feel I am still on a journey of self-discovery and have lots more to learn.



Darren's bootcamp sessions are brilliant! They have been vital in getting me out of the house, working hard and improving my fitness. Each session is different, tailored to individuals fitness level and very enjoyable. I'd highly recommend any of the DK personal trainer sessions.



Getting amazing results really quickly!

Darren has tailored everything to my individual needs with a back injury!

Definitely recommend !!



Darren makes his sessions really fun! It never matters what the weather is because you know you'll have a good time regardless. I've managed to regain my pre-baby fitness levels and discovered that I can actually do press ups now that I've been shown how to do them properly. I'd recommend his groups to men and women alike and at all stages of fitness. SG



I really enjoy Darren’s evening bootcamps and the early morning sessions. I always get a good calorie burn recorded on my Fitbit and can feel the difference after a month of attending a few sessions a week. Feel stronger and fitter and love the sessions. Always varied and fun and Darren takes the time to correct my form which is great.