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DK Personal trainer is a mobile personal trainer and Menopause coach based in Winterslow, Salisbury, Therefore I am able to train you at either your home, local park or my small home gym.

There are 2 main parts to my business

'Where Strength matters' and 'Where female health matters'

  •  Women's health - from late teenagers through perimenopause to post menopause helping you live a fit, healthy and as much as possible a symptom free life, while providing lots of support and help to break down the barriers that have previously prevented you from exercise

  • Strength training (strength and conditioning) - the main aim is to help you get stronger, fitter and better conditioned for your chosen sport. This will involve a needs analysis of your sport, periodization to ensure your training is planned to help you peak when at the correct time while ensuring you as injury free as possible by working on injury prevention programming.

There will be some crossover between the two as both will include progressive overload which is where you are progressively making training harder.

 Get in touch to find out how I can help you hit your weightloss/strength and health and fitness related goals I offer a free consultation to ensure that we are a good fit before proceeding.

As part of all my training you also get access to online yoga, pilates and guided meditation see below examples

Personal Training
Online Training
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