I am a qualified personal trainer based in Winterslow, Salisbury, with diplomas in personal fitness training and body building and a professional certificate of merit in mid section training. I have also gained additional knowledge by completing a Sports Nutrition course,Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, Clinical weight loss and Sports Psycholgy.


I have also completed the UK athletics Leadership in running fitness. This means I can lead group of runners from 12 years old upwards 


If you are looking for one to one motivation and guidance on a work out session or a professional programme written for you this is where I am able to help to achieve your goals. I am able to cater for all your goals, from weight loss to strength gain and levels of fitness from beginners to the more experienced. I am a firm believer in looking at your lifestyle as this plays a massive part in achieving you goals and targets we would look at your levels of sleep,stress levels, general happiness and make the necessary adjustment to ensure you are going to meet your goals.Most people fail on their weight loss journeys as they try to make too many changes at once which make it very hard to stick to. We will look to make small changes which are sustainable and easy to follow meaning your journey will be a successful one.


Recently I have had the honour of being trained and coached by some European and international athletes such as Europe’s Strongest Man and 4 times Worlds Strongest Man and I have gained valuable knowledge this has given me a real incite into how your mindset also plays a major role in your journey. 

Programme Writing

Please contact me if you would like a programme written which will be specifically tailored to you and your goals. The programme can vary in length from 1 week to 12. I will spend time with you going through the programme and make any changes necessary.

Personal Training

I am able to offer personal training sessions at gyms, in your home or outside. During these sessions we can either concentrate 1 or 2 muscle groups, or go through a full body work out to help with weight loss and muscle tone.



Tel: 07784899356

Please leave a message if I am unavailable and I will get back to you ASAP